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Let’s just say it’s all in the name!  “Bobo” has been Andrew’s nickname for as long as he can remember. With a complicated Greek last name like “Bobotsiares”, it is easy to see why those around him seemed to find a simpler derivative. His nickname seemed like the perfect touch to solidify his touch on this Winston-Salem staple.


Dedication to the “Good Stuff”


Bobo’s has continued the deli tradition by serving the “good stuff”: hot dogs, hamburgers and fried chicken. However, there is also a need to push for more “feel good stuff”, menu items that are healthier and beneficial for our bodies. Few can deny the huge movement for feel good food, guilt free items that provide energy, vitamins and nutrients for a better existence. We are joining that push by offering more salads, healthier side items and vegetable alternatives to meat in between the buns.  We have a variety that will satisfy just about anyone!

What is Bobo's?

Eat whatever you want,

if anyone tries to lecture

you about your weight,

eat them too


Our Story


Bobo’s Deli & Grill was founded in 2017 by Andrew Bobotsiares. Bobo’s is located on Robinhood Road in Winston Salem, North Carolina. The restaurant was purchased by Andrew from his uncle, Teddy G. Tsiolkas, who had owned and operated it for the past 18 years under the name “Teddy G’s Grille”. Teddy wanted to keep the restaurant in the family, so when he was ready, he contacted his nephew to take control of the establishment. You could say it was, and has always been, a family affair. 


Andrew has always had a keen passion for food.  Growing up in a Greek family kitchen and as a graduate of Johnson & Wales Culinary Institute, he has challenged himself with new flavors and ideas.  When Andrew took over from his uncle, he recognized the customer desire for some new healthy and modern food options.  He believed that this could be best established by a fresh look, exciting menu additions, and a name change to solidify his new and exciting direction forward.  The menu at Bobo’s has expanded significantly. It now includes 10 salads, a variety of deli sandwiches and overhaul in side items. At Bobo’s Deli & Grill we are committed to quality ingredients and service. We take pride in everything from our in house-cut meats and cheeses, to our dressings and sides. We truly believe in creating an atmosphere and product that is as welcoming as it is delicious.


We are committed to our guests and would like to thank you for reading our story. We would also like to welcome you to our establishment for an authentic and unique taste of our offerings. Just remember: we are always trying out fresh ideas and incorporating them into our menu. So be curious to try, be willing to taste, and most importantly, be hungry.   



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